Treadmill Desk

Sep 19, 2014

I recently started working full-time from home, and needed to setup a good dedicated office space in my small flat. I decided to try out a standing desk, because a lot of research says that sitting too much leads to an early death.

I built my standing desk using this guide:

After the first few days, I was feeling really fidgety, and found Treadmill Diary. I had imagined that it would’ve been a big investment into buying one of the speciality treadmill desks, but it seems the cheap ones would work just fine. He’s using one of the cheap $200 treadmill that lasted 18 months.

I wasn’t able to buy the exact same model, but the one I got from Amazon Germany looks similar. I’m happy with it. It took a few tries to get the positioning of the keyboard tray comfortable.

Now, it’s not the most attractive thing in the world, but it does the job. I may upgrade to one of the speciality desk and treadmills in a few months. I’m looking at the LifeSpan TR1200.


I started out walking two hours in the morning, and a couple in the afternoon, but after a few weeks of walking, I’m able to make it most of a full day. I usually stop for lunch, and scrum in the late afternoon. I was surprised that I could actually focus and work just fine even while walking. Occasionally, I feel the need to sit down or at least stop walking and I go ahead and do that. I have an anti-fatigue gel mat that works pretty well for standing.

It took some practice typing while moving, but after a few days it was second nature – as long as I’m not walking very fast. The ideal speed for me is about 1.6-1.8 kph (around 1 mph).

At first, I wasn’t really tracking any metrics, but 3 weeks ago I bought a FitBit One. As a motivation device, it works really well. I imagine the wrist FitBit devices wouldn’t work very well on a treadmill desk.

I’ve set a target for 15,000 steps which I can do easily. An average day seems to be about 18K, although that’s only 3-4 hours of slow walking. Other days, I get up to 30K or more. I’m lazy on weekends, but otherwise I’ve only really skipped one work day.